You know what I did for #daywithoutawoman and #internationalwomensday? I got up, did my makeup, packed my lunch, packed my husband’s lunch, made his breakfast and prepared his coffee, got him out the door and on his way to work. Did the dishes, straightened up the house, and then went to work myself. Had a bad day at work, came home, got the mail, washed my hair, made myself a drink, then put my stuff away for the evening; gathered all the trash and then took the trash outside to put in the cans for garbage pickup today. I finished some laundry and started another load and when my husband got home, I made him a drink while he cooked us dinner and told me about his day.

I do this to make his life easier. I do this so he can come home and relax after being on his feet for almost 10-12 hours. I do this because I love him and respect him and appreciate him; I appreciate the hours he puts in to make the money he does, and I appreciate how he loves me, provides for me, and provides a life for me.

We are partners and we provide for each other in more ways than one. So, instead of being useless and playing the victim and calling out from work yesterday, I showed up, did my eight hours, came home, and resumed the tasks that I actually love to do, now that we own our own home, that allow for not only my comfort, but for my husband’s comfort as well.

I hope you feel like you accomplished something yesterday, protesters.

I know I sure did.